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Tournament Times

Time (PST) Format
6:00 AM MP / IMP mini
9:00 AM MP / IMP mini
9:00 AM ACBL MP mini
11:00 AM* IMP mini
11:00 AM* MP mini
11:00 AM ACBL IMP mini
12:30 PM** IMP mini
12:30 PM** MP mini
12:30 PM ACBL IMP mini
2:00 PM MP / IMP mini
2:00 PM ACBL MP / IMP mini
4:00 PM* IMP mini
4:00 PM* MP mini
4:00 PM* ACBL IMP mini
5:30 PM** IMP mini
5:30 PM** MP mini
5:30 PM** ACBL IMP mini
7:00 PM* MP / IMP mini
7:00 PM ACBL IMP mini
8:30 PM** MP / IMP mini
* combo 1, ** combo 2
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OKbridge is terrific! You will enjoy, as I do, the opportunity of playing bridge from your own home. You can drop in for a hand or two, a full set, or to practice with your favorite partner. Or to just kibitz the top players.
— Paul Soloway, #1 ACBL Masterpoint Winner

As a visually-impaired and computer-illiterate individual, when I first signed up as a member of OKbridge, I encountered many obstacles. I repeatedly phoned in with questions and found the staff courteous, knowledgeable, and immediately able to explain how to operate out of my difficulty. My membership has been a delightful experience. I have made many global friendships with other members. Thank you for being so helpful.
— Sidney K. Solomon

Being a new subscriber to OKbridge I was at a total loss. Any question and problem I had was promptly and efficiently handled by your staff. The courtesy and helpfulness I got enabled me to enjoy OKB daily and I had the privilege to make great friends all over the globe. Thanks again for having an excellent and caring staff.
— Ursula Brooks

OKbridge is an exciting club in which to have a membership. I get to meet people from all over the world, play with my long-time friends even though thousands of miles separate us. Being a working person I love being able to play whenever I HAVE the time. No time constraints prevent me from enjoying a hobby I love. I can also practice for a tournament with a distant friend and be better prepared for the event when we participate because we have practiced beforehand. It is a great club and a wonderful concept. I am happy to be a member.
— Peggy Kemf

I have wanted to tell you that, as a "computer know-nothing" I have to turn to many sites for help and nowhere do I get such prompt, courteous and effective help as at your help-desk. I have been a member for over 3 years now and I must have turned to you at least 30 times in the past. I do not remember an occasion when I did not get what I wanted.
— Pedro Gollman

Bridge utopia! Only on OKB can you play with or against the nicest and best bridge players in the world with instant feedback on every play and every hand. The updated software is incredible! OKbridge was obviously sent to us from "bridge" heaven. My OKB "friends" list now fills two columns. Many on this list I have met personally and consider to be among my very best friends. Thanks to a suggestion I, and others I'm sure, submitted to the professional staff at OKB, I can now see the status of every player on my "friends" list with a click of my mouse.
— Jim Beggs

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