OKplus— Quickstart Tutorial

How to
log in

What you will see in the lobby

tables are presented

How to
join a table

How to talk to others

How to take a seat

How to bid

How to play

How to
get more information


How to bid

You will see the bidding box only when it is your turn to bid.

The amber arrow will indicate whose turn it is to bid — vulnerability is shown in the player's nametags.

To choose a bid, click its button in the bidding box, then click the "OK" button.

If your bid is alertable, click in the "Explain" window, type in an explanation of the bid, then click the "OK" button. Your opponents and any spectators will see the explanation.

The Bidding History will display a record of the bidding in the right side of the screen until the completion of the first trick.