OKplus— Quickstart Tutorial

How to
log in

What you will see in the lobby

tables are presented

How to
join a table

How to talk to others

How to take a seat

How to bid

How to play

How to
get more information

What you will see in the lobby

When you first arrive at OKplus, you are a LURKER in the LOBBY and can see all other people lurking in the lobby.

To see a display of tables with open seats that you may join, click on the Open Tables tab at the top of the lobby.

TABLES are set up by individuals who want to HOST (or SERVE) the table. These people are the table SERVERS, who get to control the scoring and seating. The TABLE NAME bears the server's name and shows the server's rating and type of scoring at the table. Other people join a table, and when there are four people seated at a table, the computer automatically deals hands.

You can display the tables either as icon graphics (as shown in the sample screen above) with the server's name shown beneath the table, or as a text list showing each server's table information, line by line (as shown in the sample screen below). You can toggle from icon view to list view by clicking a button on the toolbar under the lobby, either "View List" or "View Icon" depending on the current view.