OKplus— Quickstart Tutorial

How to
log in

What you will see in the lobby

tables are presented

How to
join a table

How to talk to others

How to take a seat

How to bid

How to play

How to
get more information

How to log in

When you want to play bridge on OKplus — connect to the Internet and go to the OKbridge website at www.okbridge.com. OKbridge members are taken to the Member's Club page, as shown in the sample screen below.

Once in the Member's Club, you can launch the game by clicking the Click Here to Play OKbridge button.


You will see a "loading" page until the OKplus window opens — when it finishes getting set up on your computer, you will find yourself in the OKbridge "lobby".

Note: You can exit this tutorial at any time — just close this window and you'll be back on the screen that linked you to the tutorial.