OKplus— Quickstart Tutorial

How to
log in

What you will see in the lobby

tables are presented

How to
join a table

How to talk to others

How to take a seat

How to bid

How to play

How to
get more information

How tables are presented

You can find out information about any of the suggested tables by clicking once on the table that interests you. Then you will see detailed information about that table in the panel on the right of the screen.

For the selected table shown in the example above,

"chrispy" is the login name of the person who is hosting (called serving) the table.

"Unrated" means the play is not competitive.

IMP means he wants to play International Matchpoint scoring.

58.25 on the selected open table shows the rating of the table server (chrispy in this case). The rating refers to the Lehman rating system.

3 players are at the table already: chrispy, klari1, and gertk

"50+ pls " in the table information tab is what chrispy wrote when he set up the table. His note indicates the rating level (over 50 please) of players that he prefers for the table.