OKplus— Quickstart Tutorial

How to
log in

What you will see in the lobby

tables are presented

How to
join a table

How to talk to others

How to take a seat

How to bid

How to play

How to
get more information

How to join a table

Click on the table you're interested in to show its details in the right side of the screen. You can join a table in several ways:

• Double-click on the table

• Click the Watch button

• Click the Ask to Play button

There are three types of people at a table - OBSERVERS, PLAYERS and SPECTATORS.

When you first join a table, you are an OBSERVER. As an observer, you can talk to the players and see dummy, but you are not seated.

As a PLAYER, you are seated at the table and are actually playing cards.

As a SPECTATOR, you are looking at all four hands as they are being played, but you can only talk to other spectators (otherwise you could tell the players what everyone holds).

You know you have joined the table when you see a duplicate tray in the center of your screen.